Construction Chemicals

Conbextra GP-2

Conbextra GP2 is supplied as a ready to use dry powder. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a free flowing, non-shrink, cementitious precision grout.


constructive solutions

Conbextra GP2 is used for precision grouting where it is essential to withstand static and dynamic loads. Typical applications would be the grouting of base plates of turbines, compressors, boiler feed pumps etc., It can also be used for anchoring a wide range of fixings. These include masts, anchor bolts and fence posts.


  • Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state

  • No metallic iron content to cause staining

  • Pre-packed material overcomes onsite batching variations

  • Develops high early strength without the use of chlorides

  • High ultimate strength ensure the durability of the hardened grout

  • Free flow ensures high level of contact with load bearing area


    Conbextra GP2 is supplied as a ready to use dry powder. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a free flowing, non-shrink grout for gap thicknesses up to 100mm.

    Conbextra GP2 is a blend of Portland cement, graded fillers and chemical additives which impart controlled expansion in the plastic state whilst minimising water demand. The low water demand ensures high early strength. The graded fillers are designed to assist uniform mixing and produce a consistent grout.

    Technical support

    An experienced technical advisory team is available to give technical service on request.


Compressive strength : (BS 1881 - Part 116: 1983)

Compressive strength (Nmm2) Age (days) Consistency

Flowable (W/P 0.18) Pourable (W/P 0.165)

1 24 27 3 45 54 7 55 66 28 65 78

Compressive strength with addition of aggregates

Age (days)

Compressive strength (N/mm2) W/P 0.18 % of aggregates ( IS 516 - 1959)

50% 75% 100%

128 30 32 3 50 52 55 7 60 63 68 28 70 75 78

Flexural strength ( BS 4551, 1998)


1 3 7 28

Tensile strength

(W/P - 0.18)

Pullout bond strength

(W/P - 0.18)

Time for expansion

(after mixing )

Freshwet density

Young's modulus

(ASTM 469 - 94)

Dynamic load resistance

Flexural strength (N/mm2) W/P 0.18

2.5 7.0 9.0

3.5N/mm2 @ 28 days

17 N/mm2 @ 7 days 20 N/mm2 @ 28 days

Start : 20 minutes Finish : 120 minutes



Conbextra® GP2

Unrestrained surface area

This must be kept to a minimum. Generally the gap width between the perimeter formwork and the plate edge should not exceed 150mm on the pouring side and 50mm on the opposite side. It is advisable, where practical, to have no gap at the flank sides.


On completion of the grouting operation, exposed areas should be thoroughly cured. This should be done by the use of Concure WB curing membrane, continuous application of water and/or wet hessian.

It is also being used as a Building construction Material in Big Buildings .


Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Kilogram
  • Item Code: GP2

Grinding Aids

Product is available for Cement and Raw Material Mills , as Strenght enhancers , as speciality Cement additives etc

Available in Various Forms

Products Application
Cemax 303For Production of Portland and other Hydraulic Cement
Cemax 333Performance enhancer for Production of Blended Cement
Cemax 415Performance enhancer for Production of Blended Cement
Cemax 327 VSuitable for enhancing Productivity by Cement Mills

Protective Coating Chemical

Protective Coating Chemical helps in preventing new and existing structure from atmospheric chlorides & Carbonation.

Available in folloeing forms :


Industrial Flooring Chemical

Backed by our immense experience and knowledge base in this industry, we are able to offer a competitive range of Industrial Flooring Chemical. Available in various forms such as Primers, Floor Hardeners , Resin and Contentious System to enhance the performance characteristics of both new and old concrete floors.

It has a wide application as a Metallic Floor Hardener

Grouts and Anchors

Products : Conbextra , Cibix , Lokfix

Cements and Resin Based Products to fills void beneath load bearing units

Features :

  • Highly Effecient Load Transfer
  • High Strength high performance
  • Load and distinguished track record
  • Excellent chemical Resistance
  • ASsured Bonding of Chemical Fixes


We are leading suppliers, and exporters of broad assortment of Construction Chemicals including Reebol. It is one of the most extensively chemicals used for surface treatment of concrete. It has an excellent ability of stripping form work as well as moulds to ensure flawless surface of concrete. It reduces surface cleaning of shutters prior to use and can also be used with steam curing. We offer this at leading industry rates to our clients.


  • Accurate composition
  • Long shelf life


Applications :-

It is also being used as a Shuttering oil

Renderoc Plug

We are supplier and distributor of Renderoc Plug used in construction. Rapid setting cement based, water leak plugging

For the rapid temporary patching and plugging of concrete segments, concrete and brick tunnel linings, sewage systems, below ground access chambers, pipes, basements, foundations and mines.


Emergency water - stopping capability

Single component - only the addition of clean water is required.

Excellent bond to the substrate

Low exotherm minimises thermal cracking

Pre-packed formulation to overcome variation in site batching

Contains no chloride admixtures.


Initial set time        Approx. 1 - 2 mins. at 300C

Specification clauses

Water stopping mortar

The water stopping mortar shall be Renderoc Plug, a single component cement based product to which only the site - addition of clean water shall be permitted. It must be chloride free and shall have a low exotherm to minimise thermal cracking.

Concure Wb Curing Compound Fosroc

Our valued customers can avail Concure Wb Curing Compound Fosroc from our impressive assortment of Construction Chemicals. It helps curing by retaining moisture and works as a membrane. It can be used in all types of concreting operations and provides superior hydration by reducing permeability. It saves labor costs as it is applied as spray and obviates need for other curing systems. Our clients can avail this at competitive rates.


  • Non flammable
  • Ideal for larger surfaces

Reebakaalen RR Fosroc

Our vast domain knowledge of manufacturing, trading, and supplying a large gamut of Construction Chemicals has helped us to offer Reebakaalen RR Fosroc to our patrons. It is widely used for removing rust from steel for its use in concrete. It is also applied before application of epoxy coating systems. It can be safely used with wood, plastic, glass, or rubber and can pass through oil as well as grease. It is offered at leading industry rates.


  • Corrosion proof
  • Reliable performance

Nitoflor FC Fosroc

We are presenting premium protective coating for industrial floor applications Nito flor Fc Fosroc for epoxy resin surface treatment. It seamlessly protects the flooring from corrosive chemicals and offers outstanding adhesion to cement. It is extensively used in production areas of workshops, chemical or pharma industries, and so forth. It also commonly used in wet environments where there spillage is common. We offer the same at economical rates to our customers.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to clean



  • Used as a Floor Sealer

    Nitocote EPW100 Sealants

    Product Details:
    • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Pack
    • Type: Concrete Admixture

    Nitocote EPW100 Product Details:
    TypeConcrete Admixture, Construction Adhesives Sealants

    Coatings to protect new and existing structures from attack by atmospheric chlorides and carbonation or from exposure to harmful chemicals.
    Types -
    • Nitocote EP140
    • Nitocote EP405
    • Nitocote EP410
    • Nitocote NT550
    • Nitocote NT140
    • Nitocote NT402
    • Nitocote UR512
    • Nitocote SN522
    • Nitocote HR260
    • Nitocote HT120
    • Nitocote EN901
    • Nitocote PE135

    Coverage - 20-22m2 per 3.7 litres/ coat 2 180 microns WFT

    Renderoc Rg Product

    We are renowned supplier and exporters of wide array of construction chemicals such as Renderoc RG that is highly regarded for its supreme ability to repair damaged concrete especially in locations with limited access since it facilitates pumping or pouring in such areas. It is free from chloride and its fluidity helps its placement without vibration. It is offered at reasonable rates to our patrons.
    Has been used as a mortar cement in various areas


    • Chloride free
    • Accurate composition


      Barytes Power

      We are engaged in manufacture, supply, export, and trading of a broad array of Construction Chemicals including Barytes Power that is used in variety of applications. We have state of the art facilities that are well equipped with high end machines and tools. We maintain stringent norms of quality while producing this by adhering to set standards of the industry and offer this at economical rates to our clients.


      • Impeccable composition
      • Flawless quality

      Cationic Softner

      We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Cationic Softner  These groups will dissociate in aqueous solutions (water), making the polymers charged. Polyelectrolyte properties are thus similar to both electrolytes (salts) and polymers (high molecular weight compounds), and are sometimes called polysalts. These are available in various packing as per the clients’ requirements. Clients can avail these from us at competitive prices in the market. It Can be used for dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, oily wastewater treatment, so that turbidity removal, decolorization, to achieve the emission standards.

      Conplast WP 90 Powder

      Product Details:
      • Application: Industrial

      We are leading suppliers, and exporters of broad assortment of Conplast WP 90 Powder. Integral waterproofing powder additive for concrete and mortar.


      To reduce permeability of concrete and sand/cement mortar for use in basements, roof slabs and screeds, water retaining structures, external plastering, bathrooms and balconies.


      Easy to use- Simple application familiar to site operations

      High Quality- Traditional waterproofing material manufactured to latest standards.

      Workability - Improves workability




      Chloride content

      As per IS:2645-2003.

      Compatibility with

      Can be used with all


      cements including Pozzolonic



      Permeability to water

      Has very low permeability


      when compared to the


      reference sample without



      Setting Time

      Conplast WP90 powder


      conforms to IS:2645 - 2003 for


      initial and final set of concrete

      Compressive strength

      Conplast WP90 powder has no


      particular effect on the


      compressive strength of


      concrete or sand/cement




      Epoxy Flooring Chemicals

      Reckoned as leaders in this industry, we are providing our esteemed clients with an excellent quality Epoxy And PU Flooring Chemicals. At our premises, these flooring chemicals are precisely formulated using quality tested chemical compounds and advanced technology. We assure our clients that these flooring chemicals are quality tested on predefined parameters, in order to meet international standards.


      • Easy to apply
      • Dry in normal temperature
      • Air tight packaging

      Fosroc Brushbond RFX

      Product Details:
      • Form: Liquid, Powder, Solvent, Aerosol
      • Type: Concrete Admixture, Construction Adhesives & Sealants, Floor Hardeners, Protective Coatings & Resins, Water Proofing Compounds
      • Application: Roofs, Tanks, Walls, Terrace, Basements
      • Brand: Fosroc

      Brushbond RFX two component acrylic polymer modified cementitious coating supplied in pre-packaged form. The product is designed to be easily mixed on site using a slow speed drill fitted with a mixing paddle and then applied to the substrate using brush, roller, trowel or spray. The finished coating is of a slightly granular texture.


      • Waterproof.
      • Allows water vapour to escape from the structure.
      • Highly resistant to the effects of long term weathering, durable in all climatic conditions.
      • Non-toxic. Excellent bond to concrete and masonry.
      • Minimum surface preparation required.
      • Flexible.
      • Designed to accept light foot traffic.
      • Does not require overcoating.


      • Pot life:30  mins  @  300C
      • Mixed density:1.68g/cc     (brushableconsistency)
      • Tensile strength (as per ASTM D 638) : 0.75  N/mm2(at 1.5mmthickness)
      • Colour:Grey
      • Application temp.:Not  less  than  100C
      • Adhesion to concrete:Excellent
      • Toxicity:Non-toxic
      • Static crack accommodation:1mm

      Fosroc Brushbond RFX Liquid

      We are engaged in presenting our patrons Fosroc Brushbond RFX Liquid from our impressive assortment of Construction Chemicals. It is renowned as high performance waterproof coating that not only protects the structure from environmental hazards but also shields it from oil, grease, chloride ions, and oxidization. It has versatility of uses and can be used even in coastal climates. We offer the same at economical rates to our customers.


      • Seamless protection
      • Versatile applications

      Fosroc Cebex 112

      Product Details:
      • Form: Liquid, Powder, Solvent, Aerosol
      • Type: Concrete Admixture, Construction Adhesives & Sealants, Floor Hardeners, Protective Coatings & Resins, Water Proofing Compounds
      • Application: Roofs, Tanks, Walls, Terrace, Basements
      • Brand: Fosroc

      Cebex 112 is supplied as a light brown coloured liquid which mixes readily with water in any proportions. It is based on polymerised resins and is free from calcium chloride and similar salts.

      When added to the mortar Cebex 112 entrains a controlled quantity of air which imparts greater workability and cohesion to the mortar, and increases its durability once set. Use of Cebex 112 reduces thermal movement and drying shrinkage in the cured mortar.

      • Eliminates use of lime in masonry applications. Saves storage space and failures due to unsound lime.
      • Improve moisture retention and bond strengths.
      • Make mortar frost resistant.
      • Highly economical. Maximum yield of up to 20%.
      • Improves harsh sands.
      • Can be used in coloured mortars.

      Details -

      • Packaging Cebex  112 -    supplied  in  100ml,  1,  5,  20  and  200    litrecontainers
      • Use  - between  0.100  and  0.200  litres  of  Cebex  112  per 100kgs of cement.
      • Chloride content : Nil

      Fosroc Conbextra Ep 10 Grout

      Product Details:
      • Brand: Fosroc

      High strength, epoxy resin grout


      • Provides a free flowing grout, for use where physical properties and chemical resistance of the hardened grout are of utmost importance. It is suitable for a wide range of heavy duty applications including :
      • Underplate grouting to substantial structural elements.
      • Base plate grouting in dynamic load situations such as turbines and other reciprocating machinery.
      • Heavy industrial applications in steelworks, refineries chemical plants and electroplating works.
      • Structural infill where very high strength is required.
      • Rail track applications, to support heavy cranes, or on transporter rails.


      Excellent durability - high compressive, flexural and tensile strengths ensure a long working life.

      Cost effective - high early strength gain promotes minimum downtime and early commissioning of plant.

      User friendly - simple, full pack mixing to ensure that the performance characteristics are achieved.

      Versatile - suitable for a wide range of loading situations including repetitive dynamic loads.

      Excellent in service performance - non-shrink capability ensures full surface to surface contact.


      Pot life

      : 90 min. @ 20°C



      40 min. @ 35°C



      approx. 1050 kg/m3

      Tensile strength


      26 N/mm2

      @ 7 days

      Flexural strength


      63 N/mm2

      @ 7 days

      Compressive strength


      57 N/mm2

      @ 1 day



      66 N/mm2

      @ 3 days



      93 N/mm2

      @ 7 days


      Fosroc Construction Chemicals

      Our clients can avail wide assortment of construction chemicals including Fosroc Construction Chemicals. These are highly regarded as high end construction solutions and are extensively used in number of critical applications in construction of industrial, chemical, marine, residential, commercial infrastructural structures to name a few. These are made for improving strength, quality, and imparting resistance to environmental and chemical hazards to the structures.


      • Supreme quality
      • Remarkable performance

      Applications :-

        Used as a water repellant coating

        Fosroc Hydroproof Extra

        Single component acrylic polymer for cement based waterproof composite coating membrane.


        Provides an effective and economical method of waterproofing to concrete and masonry surfaces, by mixing with cement and application by brush.



        • Non - toxic, non-flammable and user friendly
        • Provides a tough, impermeable waterproof membrane Can be applied by brush, on horizontal and vertical surfaces Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces
        • Protects concrete and mortar from natural elements such as wind, rain, sunlight
        • Breathable - allows inside water vapour to escape



        Areas of application

        Below sloping screed or waterproof plaster on : Roofs, terraces and balconies as a sandwich layer Pools and fountains, Reservoirs and channels End walls subjected to rain



        Fosroc Lokfix P Hardener

        We are engaged in manufacture, supply, and trading a huge gamut of Construction chemicals such as Fosroc Lokfix P Hardener that is extensively used for installation and anchoring of steel bars, barriers, starter bars, base plate bolts and so forth. It has remarkable strength and fixes rapidly. It can be also used for underwater applications and is offered in two grades for vertical as well as horizontal use. It is available at reasonable prices.


        • Easy to apply
        • Resistant to corrosion

        Fosroc Nitobond AR STD

        We are presenting a large array of Construction Chemicals such as Fosroc Nitrobond AR STD that is highly acclaimed as a cement modifier with outstanding waterproofing capacity. It is made by using latex acrylic polymers and enhances bonding floor toppings and so forth. It exhibits excellent adhesive qualities without bleeding or segregation. It can be availed at reasonable rates.


        • Superior strength
        • Versatile applications

        Fosroc Nitocote

        We are offering a huge array of Construction Chemicals such as Fosroc Nitocote that is designed as a protective epoxy resin coating that offers convenience of application on steel as well as concrete. It ensures seamless protection against various gases including water vapors. It forms a sturdy film that is resistant to abrasion, and enhances appearance of the surface. 


        • Corrosion resistant
        • Chemical resistant
        • Waterproof

        Fosroc Nitocote Et 140 Base

        Product Details:
        • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
        • Packaging Type: Bottle
        • Packaging Size: Standard
        • Type: Epoxy Based

        We are leading suppliers, and exporters of broad assortment of Fosroc Nitocote Et 140 Base. Epoxy tar based coating for steel and concrete surfaces.


        Provides protection to concrete and metal structures against corrosion from aggressive environments. Suitable for tanks above ground or in totally submerged conditions such as pipelines. Particularly useful in sewage works, effluent plants and dock and harbour installations.


        Excellent resistance to all types of water

        Easily applied by brush or spray

        Provides long term corrosion protection

        No priming necessary in most cases

        Chemical and abrasion resistant

        Economic and versatile product


        Nitocote ET140




        2 hrs

        1 ½ hrs




        Time between coats

        4 hrs

        2 hrs




        Initial hardness

        24 hrs

        16 hrs




        Full cure

        7 days

        5 days




        Below 200C these times will be increased.

        Specific gravity (mixed material ) : 1.20


        Fosroc Nitozinc Primer STD Hardener

        Our esteemed clients can avail large gamut of Construction Chemicals such as Fosroc Nitozinc Primer STD Hardener it is widely used for priming exposed steel reinforcement and offers superior corrosion resistance. It also time saving as it dries quickly to ensure remarkable adhesion with higher bond strength. It is made by using the finest grades of ingredients and offered at reasonable prices.


        • Corrosion resistant
        • High adhesive strength

        Nitobond Bonding Agent

        Our reputed entity is engaged in supplying Nitobond Bonding Agent.

        Nitobond EP

        For bonding new cementitious materials to existing cementitious surfaces. For use on horizontal surfaces and on vertical surfaces where mortar or concrete can be supported by formwork. Ideal for extensions and repairs to structural concrete in buildings, loading bays, bridges, roads, bonded or granolithic floor toppings etc.

        Nitobond EP can be applied by brush.

        More overlay time:Enables to place the concrete upto 6

        hrs after applying Nitobond EP, without risk of


        High bond strength : Bond strength is more than the

        tensile strength of good quality concrete

        Barrier coat : Acts as a 'barrier coat' to the migration of

        chloride ions from host concrete.

        Nitobond SBR Bonding Agent

        Our esteemed clients can avail Nitobond SBR Bonding agent from our impressive collection of Construction Chemicals. It considerably improves physical properties of concrete and is extensively used as a dependable bonding agent for slip bricks, and ceramic tiles just to name a few. It is free from chloride additives and ensures improved mortars for waterproofing applications. It is offered at reasonable rates, It can also used as mortar-additives.


        • Single component composition
        • Chloride free

        Nitobond Sbr Latex

        We have gained immense domain knowledge of supplying and exporting large gamut of Construction Chemicals to offer Nitobond Sbr Latex to our valued clients. It is used for repairing cracked concrete surfaces, plaster water-proofing applications, and so forth. It enhances tensile strength and facilitates thin applications. It also ensures seamless defense against chlorides and other harmful substances. Our patrons can avail the same at reasonable rates.


        • Single component system
        • Easy to apply

        Nitocote SN 522

        Product Details:
        • Form: Liquid
        • Type: Concrete Admixture
        • Application: Roofs, Tanks, Terrace
        • Packaging Size: Standard
        • Brand: Fosroc

        Colourless silicone water repellent.


        • Ready to use :Brushor spray applied direct from container. Versatile: Equally effective on old or new surfaces.
        • Self-cleaning : Unaffected by salt-laden atmosphere, reduces unsightly staining.
        • Protects brickwork: Risk of efflorescence is reduced.
        • Protects concrete: Reduces causes of cracking and crazing in in-situ or precast concrete
        • Colourless: Preserves natural colour and texture of created material. Allows surface to breathe.


        Nitocote SN522, is used to provide water repellent surface with improved self cleaning properties on exterior building - brick work, concrete, cement rendering, natural or cast stone. Helps in reducing efflorescence due to soluble salts in brickwork.

        Nitoflor Hardtop Fosroc

        We are engaged in offering a wide spectrum of Construction Chemicals including Nitoflor Hardtop that offers seamless protection to concrete flooring from abrasions due to traffic. It is ideally used in trucking lanes, loading areas, machine shops, warehouses, parking lots, and so forth. It is formulated by using the best grades of basic ingredients in state of the art facilities under stringent quality controls.


        • Rust proof
        • Easy to apply


        Applications :-

        It is also being used as a  


        • Floor Hardener
        • Non metallic Floor Hardener
        • Floor coatings

        Nitomortar PE

        Product Details:
        • Form: Liquid, Powder, Solvent, Aerosol
        • Type: Concrete Admixture, Construction Adhesives & Sealants, Floor Hardeners, Protective Coatings & Resins, Water Proofing Compounds
        • Application: Roofs, Tanks, Walls, Terrace, Basements
        • Brand: Fosroc

        We are presenting Nitomortar PE from our huge gamut of Construction Chemicals. It is formulated by using state of the art technologies and is suitable for multi-purpose applications for repairing as well as jointing of precast concrete structures and many more. It offers seamless impermeability to concrete and is reckoned as a standard solution for general purpose applications.


        • Requires no primer
        • Highly versatile

        Epoxy resin mortars types -

        • Nitomortar S
        • Nitomortar 30
        • Nitomortar PE
        • Nitomortar FC

        • Low,medium and high build solutions
        • Rapid cure solutions
        • Self compacting solutions
        • Design compatibility
        • high performance epoxy resin based mortar

        coverage - 2m2 at 5mm thickness /pack

        Nitoseal PU 40 Elastomeric Sealant

        Nitoseal PU40 is a one part, low modulus gun-grade elastomeric sealant based on polyurethane technology. Nitoseal PU40 may be applied to joints between 5 and 35mm wide. To minimise stress imposed on the joint sealant, all moving joints should be designed to an optimum width to depth ratio of 2:1 with an overriding minimum depth of 5mm for non-porous surfaces and 10mm for porous surfaces. For joint widths exceeding 35mm, please contact your local Fosroc Technical Service Department.


        • Adhesion to most common building materials
        • Single component with fast rate of cure
        • Easy to apply
        • UV resistant
        • Primerless for most applications (see "Priming")
        • Available in a range of colours
        • ISO11600:2002 Type F 25LM compliant

        Nitotile Grout

        Our clients are being offered premium assortment of Nitotile Grout that is extensively used in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, and so forth. Lit is designed for tropical applications and can be easily used in submerged applications. It can be availed in variety of colors and produces a creamy paste after its addition to water. It has water proof as well as mold resistant properties. It can be availed at reasonable prices by our valued customers.


        • Cost effective
        • Easy to apply

        Polymer Mortar Fosroc Construction Chemicals

        We are engaged in manufacture, supply, trading, and exporting a large gamut of construction chemicals including Polymer Mortar Fosroc Construction Chemicals. These are formulated by using the finest grades of basic ingredients and are used for variety of applications in construction industry. These are made by using state of the art technologies and have outstanding features.


        • Self compacting
        • Proven track record


        As a Water reducing agent

          Thioflex 600 Fosroc

          We are engaged in supplying, trading, and exporting a vast array of Construction Chemicals such as Thioflex 600 Fosroc. It is regarded as a very efficient sealant that forms impeccable rubber like seal with remarkably long service life. It forms strong adhesion with commonly used substances and is used to seal joints in floors, basements, subways, and so forth. Our clients can avail this at reasonable rates.


          • Long service life
          • High purity

          Applications :-


          • Polyurethane Coating
          • Food grade epoxy coatings
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