Sewage Treatment Chemicals

EM Solution

We specialize in offering a wide collection of EM Solution. This mix will make a non-toxic chemical free insect repellent. It can be used to prevent pest and disease problems in the garden. We are a customer oriented organization and believe in providing complete solutions to them.


  • High chemical purity
  • Dense consistency
  • Accurate composition

Flocculants Chemical

Flocculants Chemical offered is also known as flocculating agents and as chemicals it helps in promoting flocculation by causing colloids and other suspended particles in liquids to aggregate. Flocculants are used in water treatment processes to improve the sedimentation or filterability of small particles as well as for achieving solid/liquid separation of suspended particles present in solution. The process of chemical coagulation/flocculation allows conditioning of solution for promoting removal of suspended particles as required in the process.

Granular Activated Carbon

It is one of the widely used watewr purifier carbon mainly used in Sewage Treatment plants also used as Water Treatment Cartridge

Sodium Hypochlorite

We are manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Hypochlorite. Depending on the strength of the solution, sodium hypochlorite may be sold as a household bleach, or in waterworks for the chlorination of water. We process these chemicals by the usage of advance technology for effective in application.

Features :

  • Disinfectants
  • Bleaching solutions
  • Water purifiers

Also being used as a textile chemical, liquid chlorine gas

Sewage Treatment Chemicals

Our organization specializes in offering a wide range of Sewage Treatment Chemicals. These chemicals has a better effect in purifying the high turbidity river water. Mainly used on various industrial effluent treatment plants, such as electroplating wastewater, paper-making wastewater, municipal wastewater and oily wastewater. Our solution consists of beneficial bacteria which is formulated with superior quality chemicals. We supply these products as per the specifications mentioned by clients.

Features :

  • New, high quality and efficient inorganic polymer coagulant
  • Has good coagulation function with thick flocs and fast sedimentation
  • Has an excellent purifying effect

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

With the support of our qualified professionals, we are able to bring forth an optimum quality range of Waste Water Treatment Chemicals. Our Water Treatment Chemicals are manufactured from the high grade quality compounds to ensure the reliability and brilliant performance. Our testing and analysis products include biocide test kits and comparator tests.

Features :

  • PH barely changes after treatment, and has little corrosiveness effect to the equipment.
  • Has very good effect in purifying the water with algae, low temperature and low turbidity, and slightly contaminated
  • Has a better effect in purifying the high turbidity water

    Ferric Alum

    We are a renowned name for manufacturing and supplying high grade minerals and chemicals. The Ferric Alum manufactured by us is exceptional in quality The raw materials are sourced from authentic vendors and thoroughly checked for maintaining quality.We supply these chemicals at an affordable price

    Having a wide application as a Sewage Treatment Chemicals

    Water Decoloring Agent

    This product is a quaternary ammonium cationic polymer. It is a polymer of Dicyandiamide and has high efficiency absorb and very fast sedimentation in the anion suspension particles in the waste water system. It can neutralize the electric charge and form a good coagulant floc. It also can combine those can coagulate anionic substances such as direct, reactive, acid eyes. It is a very new type polymer coagulant. It is able to coagulate that sludge in the sewage system.

    Effective Application Range:

    Textile, printing, dyeing, paper-making, mining, ink, and so on.

    Color removal treatment for high-colority waste water from dyestuffs plants.

    Production process of paper & pulp as retention agent.

    Sewage Sludge.

    Metal processing industry.

    Fat grease-processing industry.

    Paint industry waste water.





    Main ComponentsWater Decoloring Agent
    AppearanceLight-Yellow LiquidColorless sticky Liquid
    Dynamic Viscosity (cps,20° Celsius)1853750-300
    PH (30% water solution)<3.0
    FeatureCOD remove better
    Color remove better
    Solid Content%≥0.5


    Sodium Percarbonate

    It is one of the industrial minerals acting as a white free flowing granular chemical, sodium percarbonate is applied in the formulation of laundry products and many other detergents. It can provide effective cleaning, bleaching, stain removal capabilities and is environmentally compatible. It is widely used in heavy duty laundry detergents, all-fabric, paper and pulp, textile and dyeing bleaches, Vat Dye Oxidation, and carpet cleaners, and is also used in the preparation of disinfectants and used as oxygen generator in fish raising industry and for medical emergency. Coated sodium per carbonate is broadly used in the formulation of oxygenated powder laundry products.


    • Chemical name: Sodium Per Carbonate

    • Molecular formula: 2Na2 CO 3 .3H 2O2

    • Molecular weight: 314.02

    Appearance: White Crystal with good fluidity


    • Widely used in Chemical Industries & Laboratories

    • As bleaching agent, dyeing & finish agent in textiles industry;

    • As disinfectant of dishware or in the surface treatment of metals;

    • As oxygen adding agent in medical area.

    • Add oxygen for fish and shrimps in sea water/fresh water

    • Personal Care (including toothpaste, denture cleaning tablets and dental bleaching products)

    • Hard Surface Cleaners (including deck cleaners, scouring powders, drain cleaners and hot tub/swimming pool tablets)

    Mold Remediation, Water and Soil Remediation


    Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate

    Product Details:
    • Form: Powder
    • Type: Air Disinfectant
    • Packaging Size: Standard

    Sodium Di Chloro Isocyanurate is used as a disinfectant. It can be used in hygiene and disease control, medical treatment, livestock farming, aquiculture and plant protection, etc, such as disinfect drink water, industrial water, dishware, swimming pools, livestock, poultry, fishes and environment disinfection as well as regular and preventative contagion disinfection. SDIC is well accepted in both domestic and international market.


    Chemical name: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate

    Molecular formula: C3O3N3Cl2Na

    Appearance: White Granules

    Package: 50 kg Plastic Drums

    Effective chlorine: 56%, 60%

    PH Value(1% solution): 5.5-7.0


    Sterilization uses in Silkworm Production

    Prevent Wool Shrinkage

    Bleach in Textiles

    Algae Removing in Clean Circulating Industrial Water

    Chlorination of Rubber


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